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SA Hip Hop Fans Reach Out To Mufasa #CassperSAHipHopNeedYou

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SA Hip Hop Fans Reach Out To Mufasa #CassperSAHipHopNeedYou. SA Hip hop fans have spoken and it seems they feel the genre is dull with the absence of Cassper Nyovest.

The Move For Me hitmaker hasn’t released any Hip hop single in a while. His last releases consisted of Amapiano and Kwaito elements. The shift from Hip hop evoked criticism but didn’t stop him from dishing out different music showcasing his versatility.

Tsibip also once made a comment of how people who like his music aren’t hip hop fans but people from all walks of life.

My fans are not hip hop fans. It’s people from all walks of life. I have to cater for my market. Besides that, Hip Hop don’t see me as their guy anyway. I’m the other guy & I’m enjoying just being myself without these unwritten SA hip hop rules. I just wanna be Nje & have fun.

The last time he had people on their feels with his raps was when he dropped some bars on Mass The Difference track What’s Wrong With Me.

Mufasa is now trending because fans miss him, in fact they claiming the genre is dead without him.


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