Thursday, October 5, 2023


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The work of the South African Artist “Emot Kapit” is essentially outstanding and shares a unique sense of an emotional journey through time and space. It a journey full of surprises in every corner but its simple nature can reach all that seek inspiration to reach their potential best.

Fede Fokol is the first single off the 9-track full length album, Kapital State, and is eventually ready for the world to hear his message.

Growing up in Alexandra township, the odds of opportunity remain bleak. It takes great courage to overcome circumstantial obstacles. Really a true example that from the ashes, greatness still exists to rise.

In this endeavor, Emot Kapit seeks to portray art in its totality.

As a singer, poet, guitarist and Hip-Hop artist. Nothing can be taken away from any part of it, as it completes the whole aspect of creative expression.

The ability to dream beyond measure, has been the cornerstone of all great artists. Everything we see and hear is open to interpretation. This is the fruitfulness of what soulful creativity will live to tell, many more stories, for all those that still believe that the sky is the limit

Out now on all Streaming and Digital Platforms.

Twitter @EmotKapit,

Instagram: emotalkapital

Facebook: Emot Kapit

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