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Is Cassper Ditching Hip Hop For AmaPiano For Good?

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Is Cassper Ditching Hip Hop For AmaPiano For Good? Over the past few months Cassper has been slowly withdrawing himself from the raw hip hop sound to test his versatility. While dropping a series of songs mixed with Kwaito and House music, some people criticized him.

The criticism got to him and he ended up venting on how he feels disregarded by SA Hip Hop.

My fans are not hip hop fans. It’s people from all walks of life. I have to cater for my market. Besides that, Hip Hop don’t see me as their guy anyway. I’m the other guy & I’m enjoying just being myself without these unwritten SA hip hop rules. I just wanna be Nje & have fun

To add into his reason of switching into AmaPiano he said that hip hop enthusiasts called his music trash so he decided to “Kokota Piano”

Earlier this year he made mention of how SA hip hop has so much hate and called for unity.

South African Hip Hop has sooo much hate. Dawg, My success is your success, your success is my success!! We are Hip Hop!! Why does it have to be like this? I don’t understand…I remember the days we used to celebrate that a hip hop artist won best male…Now it’s dark.                Cassper

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