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WCW: Fatts is Putting The Gambian Flag on the Map

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“Don’t call me the best female rapper” boldly rapped Fatts, as she declared she is the best rapper period; male, female, trans or androgynous. Fatts spoke to us at Hip Hop Africa about her come up, growth, heritage, comparisons and future endeavours. The East London born Gambian emcee shot into the industry during the COVID-19 lockdown through a viral internet challenge she did for “fun” before finally settling fully into making music.

Taking her rapping seriously last year, she has made so much progress with 3.16k YouTube subscribers and about 98, 000 views.

She is literally putting The Gambian Flag on the map as she and her cohorts are always seen brandishing one in her videos.

“If you watch my videos or listen to me and not know that I’m from The Gambia, then I’m doing something wrong”

Even her upcoming debut EP is titled “Our Motherland” and her collective of creatives is known as Gambino Gang.

On being compared to other UK female emcees, the Queen of the Gambinos had this to say, “I don’t really mind, it’s actually a thing of honour for me if you think I’m good enough to be compared to these artists, and I’m definitely open to working with other female rappers in the UK.”

Her next single she revealed will be featuring an Afrobeats artist, as she also said she is not one to shy away from branching out into other genres and sounds.

“Because I came up rapping people only view me as a Drill rapper, but I want to do other things and show that I’m capable of so much more, I mean people don’t even know that I can sing too…my EP is going to showcase all of that,” said Fatts.

You can keep up with Fatts via Instagram @fatts1_ and on Twitter @fattsbw.

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