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A Tale of Two All My Life’s: Swayvee and Lil Durk’s song Sound Alike in More Ways than One, Coincidence?

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O-Block, Chicago rapper, Lil Durk and Veteran North Carolina rapper J.Cole debuted their highly anticipated single ‘All My Life’ on Friday, May 13th, 2023. The song has garnered rave review from fans and and critics alike since its release. Nigerian rapper and Singer Swayvee has come out to state how very similar the song sounds to his 2021 hit of the same title.

Apart from both songs sharing a title ‘All My Life,’ both songs also gave the same drum pattern and the same hook pattern.

Also Swayvee is also known as The Bandage Bandit, he is often seen covered in bandages in his videos and photos, the cover art of his ‘All My Life’ single has an animation of himself covered in bandages and Durk’s song cover also sees the OTF rapper covered in bandages.

Click the links below to listen to both songs and see if there is indeed a similarity.

Coincidence, plagiarism or just a case of great Artistes thinking alike, what do you think?

See Below.

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