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Gemini Major On How “Egos” Are Ruining Progress In The Hip Hop Industry

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Founder & Chief Creative Mind at Hiphop Africa

Gemini Major On How “Egos” Are Ruining Progress In The Hip Hop Industry. Since Hip hop is a male dominated genre it is nothing unusual to find egos speaking more volume than the music they dropping. If there’s no constant beefing, there’s a competition all pursued by ego.

Gemini Major decided to confront the topic by stating the good that can be achieved if people could be more concerned on making music than nursing egos. The rapper implied that if it wasn’t for ego, the SA hip hop industry would be on another high level.

If niggaz could put their egos up the ass and love this shit for what it really is ..Motherfucking MUSIC! ART!! God given gift.

Gemini even went raw addressing artists to cast aside the envy, emotion and pride and work towards the goal of making music.

F*ck your envy, f*ck your pride,F*ck your emotions, F*ck your hate. embrace the love for the fucking Music, he added

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