Reason Announces Next Guest Rapper On Rhymes & Reasons To Talk Failures & Sacrifices. The fourth episode of one of the most interesting hip hop shows Rhymes & Reasons will be dropping tomorrow and has an award winning star as guest.

Hosted by rapper Reason he recently made an announcement that he will be chilling with Ngud’ hit-maker Kwesta. SlikourOnLife may have adjusted to new innovative style of communication but it has not abandoned its shows.

The past guests who gave fans more reasons to tune in on R&R were Rouge, BigstarLive and K.O.All episodes were exciting simply because it’s never about just interviewing but a mere conversation between rappers breaking down rhymes.

And we’re back! This month, we bring you a glimpse of what a typical conversation between gaaahdbody & the K1 God looks like. We chopped it up about his failures, the sacrifices he made & some of the silliest s*** he said for crowd reactions,