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June Wrap Up: Verses Of The Month

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The past few months have been glorious for African Hip Hop, with many of our favorite emcees producing amazing pieces of work. As such, we reflect on the rap songs released during the month that stood out for us.

We’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of our top picks of the best verses we’ve heard throughout the continent in the month of June. Read on to see if your favorite rappers made the list.

VenomRaps – Songs On Pioneer

Taken from his recent project, Eunoia, VenomRaps delivered an impressive performance where he recognizes his adept skills that set him apart from the rest. He plays the role of the villain, “wreaking havoc” everywhere he goes, where his only competition is himself – encouraging him to go harder and smarter.

Touchline – Hot Property

As if his No Paperwork freestyle wasn’t enough to spark a flame, Touchline returned with Hot Property to remind the competition that he is HIM. From the initial listen, you pick up similarities of this song and one of his S.O.O.N 2 highlights, Actions Over Captions, where the instrumentals and central theme are much alike – there’s no one that comes close to him because he’s hot property.

Sknny – Dues

“Need that rollie on my left wrist, I won’t even check the time with it.”

The Golden Child of Nigerian Hip Hop, Sknny, returned with this melodic bop to remind fans and opps alike that he’s paid his dues. “Married to the game, kissing a J, letting y’all in on my romance.”

Tyson Sybateli – It Worked (first verse)

His first offering of the year, Tyson Sybateli’s It Worked received critical acclaim, where he reveals that despite the hurdles that stood before him – he found a better path that worked for him. The celebratory track resonated with many listeners who also found their way and got back on their feet.

Psycho YP – Not My Fault

The poster boy of Nigerian Trap music, Psycho YP, returned to announce a forthcoming project, his first since 2022’s  ‘YPSZN3.’YP. Here, he employs his signature British-accented smooth flow on the instrumental that threads the thin line between Afro Swing and Amapiano.

The hook is vibey and bouncy, more about fun than making a statement though YP does both comfortably. Knowledge, one half of Ajebo Hustlers, drops a stellar verse about a tastefully anti-social love interest. 

Nasty C – No More

While on the brink of an anticipated album release, Nasty C announced and later dropped No More to a satisfactory response. Despite the underwhelming chorus, Junior holds it down in both verses (more so the second) where he trails his steps from his younger days of feeling undermined (verse 1) to boasting about his success and mocking his competition (verse 2).

$pacely – Burn

Nxwrth brought Ghana together with the release of Burn at the top of June but it was $pacely’s verse at the end that stands out for fans. As the title suggests, $pacely brought the fire and is, as they say, the cherry on top to close off an already heated track.

Blaqbonez – Stealth mode freestyle

Blaqbonez came with a chimney for a larynx, as he brought  all the smoke on this freestyle. Stealth Mode is a breath of fresh air, a Kendrick Lamar Control-esque, declaration of “I am your father” – Luke Skywalker would be proud.

Blaq employs a silk-smooth delivery and bars that mention no names at all but are evident enough for the audience to know exactly who the sub is directed to (or at least take a wild guess).

Ladipoe – Guy Man

Ladipoe has mastered the art of blending a rap cadence with an Afrobeats instrumental to make an infectious hook. Here, the leader of the revival sets up an alley-oop for Bella’s hook as he addresses touchy subjects.

Critics have been giving Nigerian rappers a platter of flag for their habit of collaborating with Afrobeats artists. Ladi went straight for the jugular when he said  “Because Afro hit no mean say hip hop’s dead.” As usual, his pen is strong and cadence impeccable, exalting the beauty of the alliterations employed by the ‘Afro Jigga’ rapper.   

Novl. – Be Still, Be Humble

Taking a second look into VenomRaps’ Eunoia, we marvel at the guest verse from Be Still, Be Humble delivered by VenomRaps’ only feature, Novl. The broken preacher makes his return since Searching to shine his light on the dim witted and remind them to humble themselves in his presence.

What do you think? Did your favorite verse make the list? Let us know.

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