Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tyson Sybateli Breaks Down “It Worked.” On Entlek Entlek

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Still taking in the positive reception of his latest single, Tyson Sybateli paid a visit to Entlek Entlek to break down the message behind It Worked.

The celebratory track details Tyson’s will to win, where after countless failed attempts, he finally found a new way of operating, and reintroduces himself as a new man.

“This is me, this is the new approach.”

Tyson Sybateli, Entlek Entlek

With the song’s music video already out, we can’t wait to see what more Bra Nyoga has in store for us. Watch the space!

Check out his episode on Entlek Entlek:

Watch the It Worked. visuals below:

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