Friday, June 14, 2024

VenomRaps Connects With His Audience In #EUNOIA

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Eunoia (eu-noi-a)

(n) Beautiful thinking; a well mind.

VenomRaps delivers on his word and finally drops his newest offering, Eunoia.

Though consisting of just three tracks, the project is rich in bars and quotables – great news for the traditional Hip Hop head who enjoys the sport of lyric deciphering.

Setting the scene with From 034 With Love, VenomRaps pens a letter from his home of Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal. A message of faith, hope, and resilience; he reminiscences about his times of struggle to finally finding a way forward through his art.

The beat selection is fitting and flawless, where the only downer is how incredibly short all three tracks are, I feel robbed. A personal highlight, Songs On Pioneer, is a lyrical showcase of VenomRaps’ immaculate skill.

Be Still, Be Humble, is another display of VenomRaps’ pristine penmanship, where he connects with Novl., another emcee who ceaselessly puts his best foot forward, rapping circles around the competition and silencing the noise.

The lyricism is impeccable, you even forget Eunoia runs for just 7 minutes.

Feast your ears:

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