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Ntukza Fires Back At K.O In New Freestyle

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The beef between former Teargas members, K.O and Ntukza seems to be heating up as the latter shares a response to Forecast 23. Titled Long Road To Freedom, Ntukza goes after Mr. Cashtime; poking holes at his claims from his recent freestyle, also going as far as accusing him of buying YouTube views for his hit song, SETE. Let’s let him cook for minute.

Forecast 23 reception

About a week ago, K.O took shots at Ntukza, adding on to their long-standing feud. The Caracara rapper didn’t stop upstairs there because he went on to diss Ntukza’s wife for poking her nose in his business, as well as singer and Dj, Lady Du. While many people enjoyed the freestyle and the savage bars that came with it, a select few found his shots at Lady Du to be weak and in bad taste, Ntukza being one of them. “Sorry to burst your bubble but that Lady Du line a gimmick,” rapped Ntukza in his new release.

What’s the verdict?

Rapping over a mellow, piano-laced beat, Ntukza stands firm in his belief that nothing K.O says can break him, but it was this response that ultimately let him down. If you’ve followed Teargas since its inception in the early 2000s, you’ll recall how Ntukza was, at some point, regarded the “Beyoncé” of the group. The one who had listeners’ attention, the one whose verses people were chanting. Now, I’m not one to keep score or compare rappers, but I’ll have to admit that this sad excuse of a response doesn’t even come close to the level of rapping K.O delivered in Forecast 23. Here’s what the Twitter streets had to say about it:

Disappointed is an understatement but a piece of me somehow believes that Ntukza can still go harder, even look further for a better beat while he’s at it. Let’s go back to the drawing board, shall we? Grab a fresh pen and pad and get back to writing, or perhaps sit this one out?

Listen to Long Road To Freedom below and tell us what you think:
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