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JID Serves Origin Story, with Cameos on ‘2007.’

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Kanye made ‘Last Call’ where he shared the travailes he faced before getting signed to the Roc as the outro of his debut album ‘The College Dropout.’ Since then so many rappers have made their own last calls including J.Cole and Logic just to name a few. Kanye did not invent the back story track in hip hop, it’s been forever, almost every rapper has a song detailing their origin story. JID’s latest single ‘2007’ is his won ‘Last Call.’

The track is produced by Latrell James, frequent collaborator Christo, and JID himself.

In ‘2007’ the East Atlanta rapper traces his path to the present, intertwining personal milestones with moments in rap history. Key figures in his life jump on the mic to take over the story between intervals, including his Dreamville label head J. Cole, Dreamville’s president Ibrahim Hamad, and JID’s own father, Carl Louis Route Jr. The concept breaks up the monotony of hearing one rapper for seven minutes straight.

On the track JID also shouts out Kendrick Lamar as an inspiration, specifically citing his debut album ‘Section.80‘ as an influence.

The song is fit for an outro track s JID prepares his next studio album ‘The Forever Story,’ but the song was cut from the album due to sample clearance issues and can only be released as a throwaway.

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