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Stiiv releases Every Ghetto Every city EP

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Years after walking in the shoes of Rusape genius Dambudzo Marechera in his album Letter to Samantha, Chitungwiza based rapper Stiiv takes the urban story from the street to the mic. He addresses societal issues like depression, drug abuse, religion and economics in new offering Every Ghetto every city. The 4 track Extended Play was recorded by Shingirai Tsiga (Doppl3r), the Production, mixing and mastering by Hitlab’s Rayo Beats.

  1. 1. Rugare
    Top notch production sees the rapper talk about soldiering on as you face the difficulties of what this life may come with. “Rugare tange nhamo” is a shona proverb that speaks about how this life can become a polar opposite in an instant. Deep within the land of imagination the scene is setup with a hospitalized mother, unemployed father, family overwhelmed with bills and an ever distant family. Stiiv talks about these relatable struggles in the Zimbabwean scene a time when economics doesn’t seem to help or reach a hand to the ghetto and struggles pile up each and every day above ground. Giving up isn’t an option and he talks about how he’ll make it work and try to see life in all this.

Rugare tange nhamo
Ndicharamba ndichishingirira
Zvandaiti ndarwuwana”


“I left a cup ine munhuwi we Doro nezuro
Mama ndokuziva why arutsa and havana kufara nazvo
I left a note patable I’m suicidal vaiti ndini ndine problem and I know handisi perfect”

On this song he talks about substance abuse and relationship struggles. This is a song cry as he pours out his heart talking about his experiences from love, alcohol, suffering under the system. The chorus is laced with vocals with a perfect pitch blend with Rayo’s magical touch.

  1. 3. Holy water
    From his lips to Gods ears sends a humble request. He is praying telling God about issues he’s facing asking for guidance on this sphere as he walks along life’s road.

Vano believer the truth ironically ndivo mapenzi they can’t take it anymore
They need another Jesus piece”

He talks about how religious beliefs have blinded the mental eyes and clouded minds taking away the ability to reason for ourselves. He also talks about how the modern day “men of God” are aligned to debauchery and tend to take a tenth of people’s money for themselves (tithes).


“Sorry mama mune drugs mu system yemu nigga

Stiiv talks about use of substances and a land far away from sobriety. He talks down on a hood famous brandy called “kambwa”, the brandy is a common brand in the ghetto and has seen elevated effects like liver cirrhosis, brain damage to mention a few. The song has a different feel from the rest but Stiiv never ceases to tell a story with a high urban relatability factor.

The 4 track extended play is available on Audiocus, a rapidly growing streaming platform and which has made strides over the last couple of months. Link below

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