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Youngsta CPT Drops Freestyle on AKA’s ‘Mbuzi Freestyle’ Instrumental

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Cape Town’s finest emcee and lyricist Riyadh, most popularly known as Youngsta CPT has hopped on the instrumental of the late AKA’s ‘Mbuzi Freestyle,’ one of the most energetic and lyrically fueled songs on the late emcee’s posthumous album ‘Mass Country,’ to drop a freestyle of his own.

‘I am Kiernan’s revenge’ the 31-year-old rapper rapped in a bid to honour the slain SA hip hop legend who was assassinated on the night of February 10, 2023, on Florida road, Durban.

The track ‘Bok Freestyle’ is full of lyrical punches like the few quoted below.

“No disrespect to the friends and the family, I know that you mourning in private. If we were with Kiernan that night and they shoot him? I’m telling you now there is more of us dying!!!”

“Nadia and Kiernan could have been the Carters… we all know Kiernan is the Goat…

Youngsta and Kiernan had worked together in 2019 on the song ‘Main Ous’ and always showed each other mutual love and support in the industry.

The ‘For Coloured Girls’ rapper has also released the track, titled Benni McCarthy, dedicated to Benni McCarthy, in memory of AKA.

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