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Vocalist Behind ‘Boss Zonke’ Chorus Reveals How Much She Was Paid for Song Rights

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The late Riky Rick burst into the SA hip hop scene with his left-field hit single ‘Boss Zonke’ where he prophecied his influence on the Mzansi rap game and beyond, the song is remembered for it’s infectious multi-vocal chorus; ”Boss zonke, boss nLonke Akanandaba, unehaba, KwaMashu naseMlazi, Umswenko bayamazi.” The song propelled Riky Rick to hi hop superstardom.

The vocalist of the chorus Sanelelasta Mkhize revealed how much she was offered to sign off the song rights to Riky. During her interview on the ESAM Podcast, the vocalist revealed that she was offered R3500 to sign off her rights to one of the most humungous hits in SA hip hop history.

“The contract that was sent, it was basically if I sign this contract I have no right to anything and he’ll give me a specific amount of fee and I sign myself off the song and it belongs to him,” she said. Sanelelasta went on and made it clear that she never signed the contract up until this very day.

“The payment was ridiculous it was R3500, and I never signed the contract to this day,” Sanelelasta said. This is not the first time the Boss Zonke vocalist has shared her story of what happened during the making of the song.

She has previously admitted that she wishes she had signed a contract first before singing. “It’s a very long story but to cut it short. I have never received a cent from Ricky Rick for Boss Zonke let alone the right credit.I made a mistake by not signing a contract before I sang.” she said.

Riky Rick’s death devastated the South African music industry, but the rapper left something that people will remember forever. His music has both enlightened and entertained us about family values.

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