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Priddy Ugly Reacts to Claims that He’s Better than Most SA Rappers

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It seems like Angolan-born South African rapper Ricardo Moloi, also known as Priddy Ugly has replaced Reason as the most hated/underrated rapper in Mzansi as he has been receiving backlash for being behind his peers since the beginning of his career in 2017. The father of one took to Twitter to announce that his third album is done and a date will be announced for its release soon.

While hinting that he just needs to send the project to Zoocci Coke Dope for mixing, he also touched on the consensus that most people think he is too underrated for the level of skill he possesses. Some even say he is better than his peers that are more famous than him.

Moloi popped into the SA rap scene as one of the most highly-rated young rappers in Mzani off his 2017 Mixtape ‘You Don’t Know Me Yet.’ He was put in the pantheon of young rappers revolutionizing SA hip hop alongside now gargantuan names like Nasty C and A-Reece, and underwhelming prospects like Shane Eagle and Kid Tini.

From his highly anticipated debut album and his signing to the controversial record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, a lot of weight was put on Priddy’s shoulders to deliver.

Many hold the opinion that he dropped an underwhelming debut album and jokes of Priddy Ugly being a boring rapper have been flying all over the internet since then. Moloi was left with a chip on his shoulders to prove himself as the great lyricist that he is since departing from Ambitiouz and going independent.

His most lyric-focused sophomore album ‘SOIL’ was a statement to prove himself in the rap game as a force to reckon with, many people have given him hid flowers since then but there’s always the clause that he is underrated among his peers although he may be better than most of them.

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