Friday, March 24, 2023

Underground Rapper Donta Pays Tribute To The Cannabis Culture on New Song, “Too High”

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Lagos Based – Hip-hop artist, Donta, has released a new single with Producer/Rapper KamoFella titled “Too High” featuring smooth beats and rhymes about the joys of weed. The song, which falls under the genre of boom bap, is a tribute to cannabis culture and its enthusiasts.

The rapper took to his Twitter account to announce his first project of the year where he revealed he was high while recording the track, hence the title of the track.

Too high opens with a mellow and catchy beat that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Donta takes the listener on a lyrical journey, detailing the experience of being “too high” and the sensations that come with it. The song is a celebration of the relaxing and euphoric effects of weed and the sense of community that comes with it.

Donta has always been open about his love for cannabis, and “Too High” is a testament to that.


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