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#ThrowBackThursday: With Just A few Days To The Nigerian Election, How 9ice Could It be?

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Nigeria, in few days from days away from now, would be faced with the decision of electing a new leader to rule the country and various offices in the country. The country has undergone various challenges and triumphs, from the thirty months of civil war to the numerous military coups, and the current over twenty years of uninterrupted democratic government. Just like every nation, Nigeria has grappled with problems, and music artists have always released tracks to call the government to act. These artists have been known to correct, criticize and praise the government when necessary.

Today, we highlight two songs 9ice, a Nigerian musician sang about the ills in the country. He is known for his powerful use of the Yoruba language in his music as well as his proverbial lyrics and unique style of delivery.

Without wasting much of your time, below are the two songs.

Pete Pete” by 9ice and Asa

Off his Tradition album, 9ice called on music legend, Asa, for a social-driven song. As of 2009, both artists were already dominant figures in the music industry. The topic of the song was unexpected but germane. Over a mellow guitar and drum roll, Asa and 9ice sing about the state of the nation, urging the citizens, youths especially, to rise to the occasion. The song starts with a reflection of what it was like in 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Great Britain, before shifting to the present state of the economy. Asa asks a lot of questions about the past and present administrations in Nigeria.

“Make Dem Talk” by 2shotz and 9ice

9ice has always been an advocate of the people, right from when he started till now. In this song, released in 2007, both artists sing about the economy and police brutality. They end most of the lines with the refrain, “Make Dem Talk.” 2Shotz’s two verses centre on his Lagos experiences, his constant battle with louts, and the police.  9ice’s last verse is a call to action, a plea to the citizens to be proactive in the face of lingering problems. This song might be old, but the message remains timely.

About 9ice

9ice, born Alexander Abolore Adegbola Akande (born 17 January 1980), is a Nigerian musician, songwriter and dancer. He is known for his powerful use of the Yoruba language in his music as well as his proverbial lyrics and unique style of delivery.

9ice was born into a polygamous home of five wives and nine children, in Ogbomosho, Oyo State in Western Nigeria. He grew up in the Shomolu Bariga suburbs of Lagos. He dreamed of being a musician. His parents discovered his singing talent and decided to allow him to become a musician.

In 1996, 9ice recorded his first demo, titled “Risi de Alagbaja“, but it was not until 2000 that he released his first official solo song, “Little Money“.

In 2008, 9ice released the single “Gongo Aso“. With the song gaining popularity, 9ice was asked to perform at the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Tribute concert in London in June 2008. He went on to win the Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards.

Gongo Aso” won him four further awards at the 2009 edition of the Hip Hop World Awards held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja: Album of the Year, Artiste of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Rap in Pop Album.

In 2020, 9ice released another album, Tip of the Iceberg: Episode 1.

He is the founder and CEO of the record label Alapomeji Ancestral Record.


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