Friday, April 12, 2024


Djimetta Out With A New Album KETQUEZE

This word arises from a “wordplay” originated from the combination of the words “Ket” which means crazy, clueless, or under the effect of a substance that alters the normal state of consciousness, and the word “Catechesis”.This concept arises from...

Mozambican Rapper Nicko Journey Releases New Album Calicaland

Returning back from the United States to his home in Maputo after 4 years away Nicko Journey finally ended his silence with his first Portuguese-speaking album, Calicaland.The album is a Soulful hip-hop and Trap infused project which...
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The rise and rise of Kenyan Hip Hop outliers , Wakadinali

The Kenyan music industry is in safe hands now more than ever. In Hip Hop, the industry is experiencing...
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