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Mozambican Rapper Nicko Journey Releases New Album Calicaland

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Returning back from the United States to his home in Maputo after 4 years away Nicko Journey finally ended his silence with his first Portuguese-speaking album, Calicaland.

The album is a Soulful hip-hop and Trap infused project which is pleasing to the ears with the music and lyrics speaking for itself and definitely no language barrier can stop the listening pleasure derived from this masterpiece from yet another talented musician from the motherland Africa.

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It was a real soul searching process. I ruminated for a long time, trying to figure out how to lead with the right foot in terms of releasing music. I’ve always swung back and forth (from commercial to experimental intent), but fate had other plans by bookmarking my 2022 with my uncle’s disappearance. I had recorded about 40 songs for two unrelated projects (that will still come out) before I set out on this one. I took my time with it, ensuring my intentions were pure and that I could deliver songs that my people could sing for the foreseeable future.” 

“I want these songs to accompany everyone through life..”

Nicko Journey

After the release of his first album The Art Salesman (while based in San Francisco, California), Nicko set out to find a new sound. After a growing popularity of lusophone music back in his hometown, he tried his hand in the new trend, releasing his first underground hit, “Nicko, o Dinheiro te Mudou” in 2020Shortly after this, he returned to his hometown of Maputo, Mozambique. With his newfound buzz, he went on a historic run of featured appearances in songs from artists such as LayLizzy, Dygo Boy Jurus and King Cizzy. This rapid fire release pattern was followed by a long hiatus which lasted a year and a half, at which point he released the first single of this new album, titled Star. This project starts with the fast paced, high energy “battle-cry” of a song Honra, which gives us a very vivid look into the mindset of this young African artist, showing the world that he has arrived and is here to stay. This is followed by a prayer on the song Oração, which really sets the spiritual theme of the project, showing his grace and appreciation for the opportunity to set out on the path he’s on. We are quickly transported to Rumores, a goliath of a song, filled with choirs and an impassioned vocal performance from Nicko, casting aside doubts and proving claim to greatness. The project features fellow Cypher Studios alum Mbudzi Chi Moio and Konfuzo_412. With years of heavy anticipation built up by his loyal fans and his sense of artistic purpose renewed by a defining life experience, this album is the kickstart to a highly anticipated music career. 

Follow the rapper for more on Instagram: @nickojouney

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