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Djimetta Out With A New Album KETQUEZE

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This word arises from a “wordplay” originated from the combination of the words “Ket” which means crazy, clueless, or under the effect of a substance that alters the normal state of consciousness, and the word “Catechesis”.

This concept arises from the fact that Djimetta’s fanbase takes the movement as seriously as a religious movement, they receive projects and singles such as sermons, verses, testaments, and see Djimetta as a spiritual leader, which made him see the movement of this project as a cult object, nothing serious or religious in the project, it is only in a figurative sense.

Taking into account that Djimetta had to do the exercise of reconnecting with his inner child, embracing the fun side of things and a little of his naive insanity, the KETQUEZE concept arises, with the aim of showing and defending the idea of bringing life in a more fun way, as he believes that the most effective method of teaching and learning is to take things in a light and relaxed mood.

In this way, in this project several everyday subjects are addressed, which this time cover much more than the Mozambican public, anyone in any corner of the world who understands Portuguese, will be able to easily relate to this narrative.

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Djimetta is also increasingly developing a more differentiated, original sound, and very characterized by versatility, to the point of having several “flows”, voices and approaches in a single sound and giving the impression of having one or two more participants in the music. , at this very moment, Djimetta is the only Mozambican artist who makes Trap, melodic rap and boom bap in a very effective way, this because he respects their moods, phases and emotions a lot, and allows himself to express himself without judging his instinct.

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