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SLOW’s Steady Rise To Cairo’s Mainstream

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In Cairo, Egypt’s diverse music landscape, we’re introduced to a young promising rapper by the name of SLOW whose musical talent and insightful lyrics are earning him a place in the Egyptian music industry.

At 18 years old, SLOW has garnered a following of supporters who were enticed by his music and more so, the energy he brings with each offering.

Raised in the serene suburb of Maadi, Cairo, SLOW discovered his love for Hip Hop at an early age and in 2022, put more time and effort into sharpening his skills – ultimately leading him to collaborate with rapper, YBK in Tamanyat from his 808 EP in February 2023.

Looking to keep the ball rolling, the young rapper has released a two-pack EP with tracks VITA and TAB WE MALO where an introspective SLOW narrates topics of street culture, love, and being a voice for the youth while keeping to his authenticity and staying grounded.

Lend him an ear and let us know what you think:

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