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Egyptian Rapper Ahmed Mamba Release Debut EP “Driller” on 21st Birthday

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African Drill music has been on the rise since lockdown and mostly dominated by Asakaa boys and East African Drillers, never have we on the west been listening to Drill music from North Africa which also has been thriving lowkey in its own rights with several Arab artist churning out hit songs like MASAMA3EEN by FL EX, Emerging in the scene with a fiery debut EP is Ahmed Mamba originally from Mit Ghamr, Egypt.

“Driller” features four tracks that showcase Mamba’s versatility and boldness, touching on themes like personal struggles and street life. His music combines elements of Egyptian street sounds and drill, making it both authentic and innovative. 

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“Driller” is a personal project, highlighting my creative expression and passion for music.  

Ahmed Mamba


Ahmed Mamba is new to the rap scene and considers it a hobby rather than a dedicated career. Despite being in the early stages, his unique style and fresh perspective stand out. 

Ahmed Mamba, hailing from the city of Mit Ghamr in Egypt and now carving his path in the bustling metropolis of Dubai, UAE, is a rapper with a story as diverse as his sound. Beginning his musical journey as a hobbyist, Ahmed found his niche in the electrifying realm of drill music.

Embodying the essence of the genre, Ahmed effortlessly channels an aggressive persona, a testament to his knack for portraying raw authenticity in his debut EP “Driller”. With each track, he paints vivid pictures of the streets, capturing the grit and energy that define the drill movement.

Yet, Ahmed is not confined to one dimension. Viewing himself as a versatile artist akin to an actor, he seamlessly transitions between roles, exploring various styles and narratives. His music transcends boundaries, drawing inspiration from his eclectic taste cultivated through years of listening to Hip-Hop/Rap alongside a myriad of other genres.

From the streets of Mit Ghamr to the urban landscape of Dubai, Ahmed Mamba brings a global perspective to his craft, fusing influences from across the musical spectrum. With every verse, he invites listeners on a journey, bridging cultures and experiences through the universal language of music. Welcome to the world of Ahmed Mamba, where the beats are as diverse as the stories they tell.

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