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Phrv Talks Self Evaluation In New Song – Rare View

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Nigerian based gospel rapper Phrv talks about self evaluation from a Christian perspective in new song – Rare View.

“Rare View is an introspective song that deals with our heart posture as believers – Phrv”

Rare View which features Warsheep, is produced by King Davo and was written from a point of being self righteous (hence the Job reference – the Bible classified Job as a righteous man but also Job got to a point where he had lack of faith in God’s righteousness. He felt God was unjust to afflict him. And in this evaluation, he maintained his own righteousness apart from God. He also focused on his own righteousness rather than God’s, seeking to justify himself in his evaluation rather than justifying God).

And recognizing that our self righteousness could be our idol (Golden Calf) in most cases – the Golden Calf reference refers to idols and idols can be anything that one has put up in their hearts above God, and in this case self righteousness can turn out to be a golden calf.

“Rare View means looking at your life and mirroring it with God’s standard and seeing how short we’ve fallen from that standard – Phrv”

Rare View Featuring Warsheep is available on all streaming platforms and you can stream here –

Phrv which is pronounced “Free” is a rapper, songwriter, artist manager and project manager located in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Phrv talks about real life issues from God’s point of view using his life as a mirror, so that listeners can relate to his struggles, pain, joy etc…

Follow on all social media @prayforphrv

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