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Nota Baloyi Claims He Knew Sim Dope Before AKA

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Mzansi hip hop fans only know the name Sim Dope based off an AKA song of the same name, any rap fan you ask about Sim Dope they’ll tell you he was one of AKA’s childhood friends. Controversial label exec and public figure Nota Baloyi in an interview with DJ Sbu claimed that he knew Sim Dope before AKA met him.

Nota claims that he went to the same primary school with Sim Dope in Mpumalanga while AKA and Sim Dope met at St. John’s high school in Johannesburg. He even explained how Sim Dope got the scar on his face.

“Sim dope got that scar in primary school while climbing a tree with me. I. was climbing a tree with him and he climbed higher than me and he fell. At Radford house, a boutique primary school.

“Before Kiernan ever met sim dope, I was in primary school with SimDope. He went to get his stitches and after the second break, he was back in school. That’s sim dope.” Nota said.

Nota also stated that Andile Mpisane is not rich compared to Sim Dope. “Sim dope had a soccer team at 16.  Today we talk about Andile Mpisane’s being chairmans in their 20s. Sim Dop was doing that while he was still in high school in Mpumalanga.”

Nota Baloyi also acknowledged Sim Dope’s posh upbringing. “He was one of those privileged kids whose father had worked so hard at the upper epilogue of business. He is the owner of the Lions. The first black owner of a rugby team. He was still the most humble person and that’s why Kiernan had to honour him.”

Sim Dope, whose real name is Simphiwe Gumede only gained massive public recognition at AKA’s memorial service where he gave a heartfelt tribute to the late rapper. Finally fans could put a face to the name they heard on the song named after him in 2014.

Simphiwe Gumede is the son of Billionaire businessman Robert Gumede who is also the first black owner of a Rugby team in South Africa. He is the owner of the Golden Lions Rugby Union.

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