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Ambitiouz Entertainment Unveil their Top 6 AKA Guest Verses

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Good rappers make great songs, but great rappers make great songs, great projects and the best rappers take it up a notch by bodying every feature request they get. The late Kiernan Forbes was apart from his great projects also known for his numerous classic guest verses. Ambitiouz entertainment following the untimely demise of the Cape Town born emcee released their list of favourite AKA guest verses.

6. Heaven- Da LES ft. AKA and Maggz

Kontrol had just dropped in 2013 and AKA was the most sough after feature artist in the country at the time, Northgod Da LES tapped Supa Mega before his Supa Mega days and Maggz for this psychedelic, trippy hit, fans will definitely remember the all white video with so much smoke and girls in wolf masks, featuring Mega with his 22 Karat gold tooth rapping a classic verse and dropping that classic hook.

“This don’t take no days off I put my plan in motion, your swag is broken These songs I’m making got this nation under mass hypnosis.”

5. Hape Le Hape- Khuli Chana ft. AKA, Zeus and Reason

The ‘Hape le hape’ series was so good that A-Reece before blowing up wanted nothing more in the world than to be featured on one of the numerous remixes, and expressed his frustrations on a freestyle how Kiernan got the spot he wanted so bad.

”Every time I’m spitting they say this shit is God given
Nobody been official as me in a hard minute
There’s plenty of other fish in the sea
But I can get Christopher Reeves out of his seat when I’m finished
I once heard that Motswako was the family tree
Now we raking the leaves plus raising our seeds
Trust it P H Raw X on the beat”

4. God’s Will- DJ Vigilante, K.O. and AKA

Before DJ Vigilante was known as Vigi, before Mzansi was debating who had the best verse between K.O and AKA on ‘Run Jozi’ and ‘Bang out,’ God’s Will began the healthy rivalry between the two.

When it comes to desire, they say the sky is the limit When it comes to lines of design, messiah image Big dreams, tunnel vision is pristine.”

3. Lie 2 Me- Ma-E ft. AKA

Kiernan’s trappy new school flow on former Teargas member Ma-E’s ‘Lie 2 Me’ takes the number 3 spot on Ambitiouz’ list.

”Come take a seat in my living room
Come take a peek at a better view
If you taking aim, you better shoot
I got more trophies than tennis shoes
You experts
With your guess work
Talk a whole lotta number 2
You got a thirst for forbidden fruit
Family first that’s the golden rule”

2. The Saga- Anatii ft. AKA

Before they had a beef, then went on to make a whole collab album together and give SA the best collab hip hop album ever, their history of working together started on this song.

Supa Mega wasn’t lying when he said ”i’m the reason they put the saga on repeat” on ‘Composure.’

”Always had the dream that I would be the Supa Mega
On my second album but they treat me like a legend
Listen to my old shit, that’s my only pressure
City where the gold is, that’s the Holy Mecca
You can get the money, you can never buy taste
Take a sip of my name, split the side grave
Niggas talking beef shit wanna braai vleis
Why you smoking cheap shit? this is high grade
I think this mami got potential
I think this molly got me busting out the friendzone
Drop it in the champagne like a Mentos
We in the lobby but your body is a temple”

1. Roll Up- Emtee ft. Wizkid and AKA

”I’m catching flights when niggas catch emotions, these flashing lights will make you loose your focus, that’s the reason I’m so anti-social, season after season cheese at my disposal”

Ambitiouz entertainment was launched with the release of it’s premier artist at the time, Emtee’s debut single ‘Roll Up.’ The song was a national radio success but the remix featuring Nigerian superstar Wizkid and the above AKA verse was a continental success. It’s only right hat this verse takes number one spot on their list.

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