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New Music- President Zik & Teck-Zilla: Prezzy Bomaye

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“ Prezzy Bomaye” is the lead single from rapper President Zik aka Young Prezzy and producer/DJ Teck-Zilla’s forthcoming collaborative project Mike & Muhammad. Bolstered by Teck-Zilla’s lush synth-driven trap soundscape, President Zik steps into the proverbial ring with verbal punches and a smooth demeanour to match. The anthemic single serves as an opening salvo with lines like     

Show up to the fight dressed in mink like **** what you think straight styling/trill right off the bat, homies out here selling cap, how’d I get to where I’m at, straight grinding”  which set the tone for the lyrical match. Young Prezzy flows seamlessly like a young but seasoned verbal pugilist taking his opponent to the cleaners with the statement read a book **** maybe we could conversate/ you can feel the aura when I’m stepping out the gate/ 10 seasons straight are you not entertained going down with the greats on that Prezzy Bomaye” where he reminds listeners of his decade grind in the music game. The fun doesn’t end there and Prezzy shows us his songwriting dexterity with a melody-tinged hook where he paints a vivid picture of him stepping into the ring, making headlines while the fans chant “Prezzy Bomaye”.

“ Prezzy Bomaye” is taken from President Zik and Teck-Zilla’s forthcoming project Mike & Muhammad, a 12-track body of work that bridges the old and the new. On the production side, Teck-Zilla crafts a blend of modern-day trap and boom-bap soundscapes for President Zik who proceeds to wreak havoc with his distinct laidback flow and off-kilter rap schemes. The rapper and producer combo is akin to a young Mike Tyson and elderstates man Muhammad Ali who have teamed up to give fans the raw, unfiltered showcase that would linger in the minds of listeners.

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