Saturday, July 13, 2024

Prezident Zik

President Zik Unleashes the Vibrant Energy of ‘See You Soon’ Series with Captivating Tracks

President Zik, the dynamic force in the music scene, has recently dropped the latest installment of his 'See You Soon' series, a captivating musical capsule that follows the success of the first two releases.

New Music- President Zik & Teck-Zilla: Prezzy Bomaye

“ Prezzy Bomaye” is the lead single from rapper President Zik aka Young Prezzy and producer/DJ Teck-Zilla’s forthcoming collaborative project Mike & Muhammad. Bolstered by Teck-Zilla’s lush synth-driven trap soundscape, President Zik steps into the proverbial ring with verbal punches and a smooth demeanour to match....
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Latest News

Unveiling ‘Relaxed’: Stickx’s Musical Tapestry and Soulful Synthesis of African Sounds 

Producers continue to play a vital yet often underappreciated role in hip hop culture and the broader music industry....
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