Monday, April 22, 2024

Nasty C Announces Nationwide Campus Tour

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Seems like a new Nasty C Project keeps approaching, and fast, the South African hip hop juggernaut has been on a run of PR events that look very much like a rollout for a project. First, he changed his public image and introduced the fans to a new suit, cigar-smoking, and flat-cap-wearing persona; Which he now dresses like, starting from his exclusive birthday bash on February 11th, 2022. Then he posted a bunch of photos on his Instagram dressed as the persona, then a single titled ‘Can’t Imagine‘ followed, with David posing, dressed as the same character.

For the next phase of this likely rollout, the ”Hell Naw,’‘ spitter has announced a nationwide Varsity Campus tour. The tour tagged #Ivysonarmytour, will feature one on one interactions with fans, performances from artists and DJs from the different campuses, dares and challenges, and comedy from youtube stars.

The tour dates will be announced soon said the rapper as he asked his followers for suggestions on what other varieties could be added to the events. Peep the announcement post below. Is a new Nasty project coming soon?

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