Monday, December 11, 2023

Loatinover Pounds Celebrates “Sosh Plata Remix” Milestone | Punyete Apparel Expands Eyewear Collection

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One of SA Hip Hop’s golden boys, Loatinover Pounds has become a nationwide hitmaker with the success of Sosh Plata and continues to collect major wins.

Since dropping the remix with 25K and Thapelo Ghutra, the song has plummeted to great heights in the music charts, also earning Pounds millions of YouTube views for the music video in just 2 months.

Sosh Plata remix currently sits on a little over 2 million YouTube views, matching Spotify’s streams at 2,600,000, and is his most streamed song to date.

As Loatinover Pounds’ popularity grows, he is also getting more performance bookings and attracting brand partnerships. His signature “Faka Punyete” trademark has also helped grow the Punyete apparel brand, putting it in the spotlight as a fresh urban brand to look out for.

Punyete’s New Eyewear Range

The hood-popular streetwear brand, Punyete, has added to its growing apparel line with a new range of sunglasses.

The “Faka Punyete Retro Sunglasses” have been made available to consumers in three colorways – black, white, and brown. Retailing at just R200 a pop, the brand is making it possible for the average person to look stylish while also supporting local retailers.

Aside from the sunglasses, Punyete also has a wide range of shirts, fashionable “Nyete Là Punyu” tote bags, beanies, and their “Nyete Là Punyu” caps sported often by Loatinover Pounds.

Be sure to visit their website at and shop for something cute!

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