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SA Hip Hop Celebrates Father’s Day

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Though many rappers were unfortunate to grow up fatherless, a lot of them are actively breaking this cycle by being present in their children’s lives. Some of our favorite emcees took the time off to show off their families and get into the spirit of Father’s Day.

Here are some pictures from social media:

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper celebrated his second Father’s Day with a short video of when his son, Khotso was born, until now – a bubbly and energetic 2-year-old boy who dances just like his old man.

Khuli Chana

Having recently welcomed his bundle of joy with his wife, Lamiez Holworthy-Morule, Khuli took to the socials to show off his kids and share a message about the importance of fatherhood.

Priddy Ugly

In a short visual of little Afrika singing her “ABCs,” Bontle Modiselle showed her love to Priddy Ugly for his consistency in being a world-class dad. “No matter what the world says to/ about you, your baby girl looks at you like you’re the greatest and that’s it – that’s the real magic.”


Lawd of da chop, lawd of da pops motion, Zingah, shared a sweet photo of his little family out for a stroll while in a separate picture, he was presented with breakfast and a note for being “the best daddy in the world.”

We love to see it. Show us how you celebrated Father’s Day.

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