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Kid X Gives Cassper Enough Reason To Run Back To The Booth

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Kid X Gives Cassper Enough Reason To Run Back To The Booth. After a number of fans of Mufasa came forward to express how they need him to make Hip hop tracks again, it only took Kid X’smessage to motivate him to run back to the booth.

Tuesday of this week became a Cassper day, the rapper trended on social media for hours with a #CassperSAHipHopNeedYou hashtag. It was a number of comments from Hip hop fans who shared their views on how and why SA Hip hop is dead without Mufasa. Even though others felt otherwise, the dominating points were of those who wanted him back in the game.

Fellow rapper Kid X also mentioned how SA Hip hop needs Nyovest. “The game gon always need you King,” he wrote.

The tweet of X came after Cassper implied that he is abandoning Hip hop to Kokota on Amapiano. “Angithi bathi mina im trash. ASJAIVE FOR NOW!!! KOKOTA PIANO!!!! KOKOTA!!!! SHI SHI SHI.”

Good news is that Mufasa will be dropping some hip hop songs soon enough. X serves as the best inspiration for him to give fans what they want.

Love from your peers is something special. This one fucked me up X, won’t lie. Love you ma dawg. Thank you for always being a real one. No i really need to get back in the booth – Cassper

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