Monday, July 15, 2024

K.O Drops New Single ‘Moshito’ with Visuals

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Skhanda World boss and SA rap veteran K.O. has decided he is ready to move o from the monstrous success of his summer hit single ‘Sete‘ as he releases a second single from his ‘Skhanda Republic 3’ album, his third solo full-length album.

‘Sete’ shattered all the records there is to break on it’s way to becoming K.O’s biggest song ever and is not stopping any time soon, but K.O has decided to listen to the cries of his fans for a new single.

‘Sete’s’ shoes are too big to fill but ”Moshito’ has that raw ‘Skhanda’ sound with the heavy bass drums and a return of K.O.’s signature ”ayayayaya’ ad-lib, bars on top of bars in English and vernac. A little something for the Kasi.

‘Moshito’ is reminiscent of ”Son of A Gun‘ from 2014’s ‘SKhanda Republic.’

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