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The Big Hash Share How his Beef with Lucasraps Started and Ended

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The Big Hash and Lucasraps are two of the flagbearers of SA hip hop among the new generation for their respective cities and both came into the game almost simultaneously. The Pretorian Hash who just released his debut album last week has had his share of hip-hop beefs for his young age, from his former label innanewav. to J. Molley etc. The Pretoria emcee just revealed during his interview with BIT90 Podcast that he and Lucasraps once had a beef a long time ago before their collaboration on ‘Bigger Than Us.’

 “So me and Lucas actually had beef, that’s like my brother, that’s like my mother’s kid,” he said about the status of their relationship now;

About how the beef started in 2019 he said “that some bullsh*t bro, you know men and ego it just its started over I didn’t like how you greeted me, I’m like actually f*ck your energy,” he said. “The thing is like, we’ve never met before so I don’t like how he did all that and it was at Class Red Box in 2019, he had an event we all linked up, it was a greeting gone wrong.”

Explaining how the way they greeted each other sparked the beef, Big Hash said; “It was just one of those where we completed the greeting but I assessed the greeting and I was like this is not a greeting.” The ‘rapper ‘Circles’ rapper stated that they went both did not speak to each other since that incident for a long time.

From there, it just became stare down not a word being said throughout the year, like even at MTV crossed path.”

Hash also stated that YungSeruno with his save hip hop mantra played a role in squashing the beef between himself and the Durban emcee.

“So pandemic happened, so you know after I think Youngseruno put out Operation Save Hip Hop, I listened to the project I think probably three months later. It just popped up on Apple Music and was like yo check this out, and the thing was like Luke was my op, so I was like I will be just listening.”

“I had like a lot of people from you know the outside because a lot of people in hip hop that he had present so I was like you know what, if you’re saying Operation Save Hip Hop cool so I went and bumped the sh*t,” he said.

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