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Nota and Slikour’s Beef Revived by Leaked Whatsapp Voicenotes

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You can now on one hand how many people in the SA music industry who have not had beef or an altercation with or a reservation about Nota Baloyi. Getting arrested and getting backlash from Black Coffee, losing his wife ,and a 250k Rand law suit will not stop Nota from being Nota and saying his mind no matter how unconventional his opinions and methods may be.

In March 2022, Slikour won his lawsuit against Nota after some of the derogatory statements he made on social media. Nota reportedly cyber-attacked Slikour lately via Whatsapp voice messages in which he called him various not suitable for mainstream media adjectives.

 In the first voice note Nota can be heard threatening Slikour’s children at the same time threatening the former Skwatta Camp member reported Zimoja

I don’t want your messages, b*tch. I don’t want your messages. Your kids are gonna pay for it. Your kids are gonna know that their dad is a loser… I’m not gonna beat up your kids or threaten violence. Nah n*gga, I’m a cyber war criminal. You understand what I’m saying? I’m gonna dominate you with cyber warfare. The internet is going to be littered with your shame…” 

“I will destroy you. Don’t wish me luck. You are nothing. I will destroy you. I destroy you with a tweet dawg. A hundred and 40 characters end your whole entire reputation… You’re a loser man. You’re a user that’s it. You’ve got nothing. You got nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You go out there claiming all this nonsense. Claiming all this nonsense. Abusing Flabba’s name. Selling your own brother out. Selling him out to losers.”

Will this new occurrence see the insides of a courtroom again? There is currently no response from both parties yet.

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