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[Interview] LingaThe Boss Is Using The Powerful Force Of Music To Influence Her Generation

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Tennessee based Zambian gospel rapper Linga TheBoss is making a name for herself in Christian rap. She recently just released her EP “One Of The Few”, this project features some of the best women in Christian Hip Hop and together they produce a sound that cannot be recovered from. On an interview with our gospel Editor James Uwe here are some of things she had to say.

So here’s Linga TheBoss. for the uninitiated.

Q: So for those who don’t know about you, and are hearing your name for the first time, who is Linga TheBoss., and what is the passion that drives you to music? 

A: I am a Christian rapper, based in Nashville, Tennessee! I’ve been an artist for the last 10 years and I love creating hip hop that is hype and energetic, and strive to write impactful lyrics with a motivational, positive message!  

Q: You recently just released your EP “One Of The Few”. What does “One Of The Few” mean and what led to the birth of this project?

A: My project, One Of The Few is based on the verse Matthew 7:13-14 which says “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and they way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few”.

I want to empower people to live lives marked by holiness and righteousness. I want to champion a generation that we CAN take the path that requires work— refinement and perseverance are necessary processes we need to go through to accomplish the things we are called to do. We don’t have to take the easy way; we can do hard things! So many people are focused on following the crowd, or following trends, and setting aside their standards in pursuit of platforms and influence.  Not us. We are willing to rebel against the status quo. We defy conformity in pursuit of what matters most: the things of God. Many are taking the wide and easy way… The path that leads to destruction. But this EP is for anyone who is willing to be one of the few; that takes the path that leads to life. 

Q: Why does the project “One Of The Few” have an all female future and do you think it has achieved its purpose thus far?

A: My project, One Of The Few, has all female features because, especially in light of women’s history month, I wanted to intentionally collaborate with the talented women in the Christian Hip Hop space who often get passed over or counted out. All my life I’ve been surrounded by incredible women who’ve inspired me and invested in me and I wanted to do the same with my debut EP. The women featured on my project are talented, and I believe the project will make waves, but more than that; I hope that the project will set an example to the men in our space that opportunities often go to first. I hope it reminds them we’re talented, we’re here, and we need them to make room for us. 

Q: What lessons have you learnt during the process of putting together this project?

A: I have learned to trust the vision that God has given me, even if others don’t understand. I’ve also learned to fight for my sound and advocate for myself when working with producers and designers— even when they have incredible expertise, I still get to voice my concerns and make sure that my artistic vision is being correctly depicted because at the end of the day, I have to be committed to the vision that God gave me.  

Q: What’s your favorite song of the EP and why?

A: My favorite song on the EP is “STILL STANDING”. The song was written after a super difficult season of my life that many people were convinced was going to break me or “take me out of the game” but God is faithful and he carried me through, and the song feels like a victory lap.  

Q: What are your expectations of this project and what do you hope it’ll achieve?

A: I want it to put Zambia on the map; being from Zambia, I know that it can sometimes seem like we can’t “make it out” of Zambia, let alone accomplish the things we dream of. I want every Zambian kid to see this project and realize; they can do anything! I want my project to spread hope! I want it to reach countries all over the world. I want my project to encourage people to trust their process and stay committed to the dreams and goals they’ve set out to accomplish; knowing that God will carry them through. 

Q: Is there a specific moment in your life so far that made you say, “I’m meant for this? I’m going to chase this music dream?”

A: I used to serve at a youth camp every summer where thousands of youth and young adults would come to encounter God, and I was always asked to perform at the camps, and people used to think we were just jumping around having fun and having a party but that I wasn’t impacting anyone — but week after week hundred of students would come and tell me they felt inspired by me, or impacted by the lyrics of my songs, or felt like they were motivated to follow God more passionately because of something I said on stage. I realized then; it’s not just hype— hip hop, when used correctly, can be a powerful force for good! 

Q: What’s the best part about being a young female artist?

A: The opportunity to influence a generation positively! I get to be part of the change I want to see in the world.

Q: What’s the worst part about being a young female artist and what change do you hope to see?

A: Sometimes I’m automatically underestimated just because I’m a young woman- I wish that more people would believe in us from the jump and see our potential. 

Q: What is your 5-year plan for music and artistry?

A: I want to continue to grow! I want to tour, release 2 more albums, and have a goal to put together a huge event/conference that is Christian Hip Hop focused and speaks to a generation in the language and music style that they understand best! I want to continue to release dope merch that is high fashion but also innovative and cool. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to add or say?

A: If you haven’t heard my new EP- listen to it now! And check out the music video for FINISH ft. Kidd Lee on my youtube channel! 

Q: Any advice or message for fellow artists?

A: Keep God first — keep your eyes focused on the vision God gave you, and invite trusted voices in, we can’t do life alone! 

Listen to One Of The Few below:

Follow the rapper on social media @lingatheboss

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