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HipHopHead: Top 10 Underground Rap Videos [Week 4]

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We return this week with the HipHopHead Top 10 Underground Rap
 in Nigeria.

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Top 10 Underground Rap Videos [Week 3]

In our usual tradition, we bring you the Top 10 Underground Hip Hop
for Week 4.

The Top 10 Underground Hip Hop Videos of the week are solely judged by
Views, Retweets and Reactions/Engagements.

This week Gotheeq moves from the 10th spot to the 7th on the chart.

Aaron Billz and The Rhyming ProphetInner G is out and is replaced by Mic Daille – One Man debuting at Number 9.

J.Ice and Bionic the Soul King finally leave the number spot since week 1 and are replaced by President Zik featuring HotyceSwitching Scenes.

President Zik also makes the highest move from number 5 to number 1.

Here are the Top 10 Underground Hip Hop Videos for Week 4

10. Wurdplay – Shaye Foreign

9. Mic Daille – One Man

8. RebelWav  – Arrival

7. Gotheeq – Haka Kowai

6. Tyoonz – ZONE (feat. Elzino Szn x SMRT x Ely Jakez)

5. Pizzo Da Lp – Africa

4. Billy Dolomite – Deserve More (feat. Avid The Lyrikal)

3. J. ICE x Bionic the soul king – You can’t breathe (feat. Psalmurai)

2. Fozter.YP – Icho (feat. Kingrexxie)

  1. President Zik  – Switching Scenes (feat. Hotyce)


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