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Gemini Major Reveals He Made ‘Juice Back’ with Nasty C in Two Hours.

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The year is 2015, at the height of the Casper and AKA beef. A fresh-faced 18-year-old from Durban, KZN, bursts into the SA hip hop scene with his smash hit single ‘Juice Back’ which had the whole country in a frenzy and even caught the attention of some of the biggest personalities in Mzansi hip hop, including Fred Merc, Scoop Makhatini, Slikour, and Cassper Nyovest. This spiraled into an international feature with Nigerian superstar Davido and Nyovest.

On the ESAM podcast, Gemini Major the producer of the song that propelled both him and Nasty C into superstardom revealed how effortless it was to make the ‘Juice Back’ song in under two hours. The former Family Tree producer and artist went on to say.

I met Junior in 2013, 2014 or something about that time, I was also upcoming also in Durban you know,” he said. “We met at some show you know, and I said yo I’m a fan of your sh*t, I love what you doing, it’s like yo bro I also like to work with you, I was like dawg lets do this sh*t.”

Gemini Major elaborated on how the two teamed up on the creation of Juice Back, saying: “so we do this sh*t, we connect you know, he’s like I sent you something, I had some ideas I exported real quick sent it to him via WhatsApp, two hours later he’s got a song, do you know what that song is; Juice Back, we made that song in less than two hours,” he said.

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