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Blaklez Finally Drops DMXPrayer Remix Feat. Tshego, Emtee, Zakwe, and JayHood

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Blaklez Finally Drops DMXPrayer Remix Feat. Tshego, Emtee, Zakwe, and JayHood. After weeks of teasing the new remix Blaklez finally drops it.

When I have No One rapper announced that he is working on a DMX Prayer remix, he also assured fans that it will be the best one to come out this year. Through verses that have been dropped, it was easy to believe he was being truthful. Now that the song has released, it sounds as one of the best remixes of the decade.

What makes most remix songs even more relatable and entertaining is the fact that they are a mixture of different artists. When each person comes through with their style and vibe switching from what the previous artist was on about, it builds up an utmost interest. DMXPrayer offers that well adjusted art of versatility while sticking to the rule of informing, educating and entertaining.

Included on the remix are the likes of Zakwe, JayHood, Tshego and Emtee. They did their best to put this into perfection. It’s bars after bars all intended to inspire others to be positive about their life.

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