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Choppin’ It With Ex Global: The Aftermath

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As The Wrecking Crew again becomes the topic of online discussion, with many fans reminiscing through the group’s hit songs, Bhuda T used it as an opportunity to invite former members, Ex Global and Ecco to chop it up.

During the past decade, the South African music industry witnessed the emergence of The Wrecking Crew who were rich with musical talent and would go on to leave a lasting impression on fans and industry mates alike.

As many fans had hoped, Ex and Ecco were forthright and firm, opening up about their crew’s impact and commercial success, as well as the negative influences within the group leading up to its ultimate disbandment.

The chat began a lengthy online discourse where Ex Global found himself at the center of attention ready to shake the table a bit more to reveal unknown truths about the details of his relationships with his former bandmates.

Here are some tweets from the Ex Global exposé:

Watch the interview below:

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