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Burna Boy Leads the Way for BET Hiphop Awards 2023

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The BET Hip-Hop Awards which began in 2006, has served as a global celebration of hip-hop culture and creativity showcasing hip-hop performers, producers, and music video directors. In recent years, the global influence of African music has reached new heights, with artists from the continent making waves on the international stage. This trend has extended to hip-hop, where African artists are gaining recognition for their talent, unique styles, and contributions. The BET Hip-Hop Awards, a prestigious event in the music industry hosted annually by Black Entertainment Television (BET), has taken notice of this remarkable talent, with several African artists receiving nominations and making a significant impact on the global hip-hop scene. The BET Hip-Hop Awards have featured numerous African artists the likes of Burna Boy, Wizkid, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and Davido in various categories, showcasing their versatility and talent. Artists from across the continent have received nominations in categories like “Best International Flow,” “Best Collaboration,” and “Best Hip-Hop Video.”

The 2023 nominations have been released and yet again feature hardworking, budding, and promising African talents. Burna Boy leads the way with 7 nominations, the highest number of nominations an African artist has ever garnered at the BET hip-hop awards. Here is a list of the seven nominations for Burna Boy at the BET hip-hop awards. 

  1. Hip Hop Song of the Year
  2. Best Live Performer 
  3. Lyricist of the Year
  4. Hustler of the Year
  5. Hip Hop Artist of the Year
  6. Hip Hop Video of the Year
  7. BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collaboration.

Alongside the African giant stands Sampa the Great (Zambia), Black Sherif (Ghana), the late AKA, and K.O both from South Africa who have all been nominated in the Best International Flow category. African hip-hop continues to evolve and gain recognition on the global stage, the BET Hip-Hop Awards play a crucial role in amplifying these artists’ voices and stories. These nominations not only acknowledge their talent but also inspire a new generation of African artists to dream big and pursue their passion for hip-hop. The presence of African artists at the BET Hip-Hop Awards is a testament to the genre’s global reach and influence. It showcases the richness and diversity of African hip-hop and its ability to resonate with audiences around the world. As African artists continue to break barriers and push boundaries, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the global hip-hop landscape, proving that the future of hip-hop is indeed a global one. This year’s BET hip-hop awards will air on Oct 3, 2023, and premier on Oct 10, 2023, on the BET website.

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