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Tyson Sybateli Is Burning With Urgency; On New Mixtape ‘Present’

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South African Rapper Tyson Sybateli is all guns blazing in his new project ‘Present.’ The 8 track mixtape which was preluded by 2 singles, ‘It Worked’ & ‘No Comment’, and also features Thato Saul, Priddy Ugly, Nanette, Ben September, Tron Pyre, Landrose and Mochen.

Watch the video for lead single It Worked

Tyson Sybateli who has hustled his way up the Hip Hop ladder with a handful of projects to his name; ‘HOME’, ‘SYBA’, & ‘EVE’. These projects have set him apart in the hiphop community both in South Africa and beyond as ‘King of Rollouts’.

Listen to the mix-tape on Spotify

This mixtape is set to be nothing shot of fire, Tyson Sybateli having been labelled the next best Hip Hop Act by the Hip Hop community online; ‘Present.’ will certainly certify that. Below he gives the breakdown as follows for some of the Mixtape songs:

Playing With Fire

The Intro tells the purpose of being present in whats going on currently in your own life while I tell whats going on personally in my life. The build up is that of a fire starting and the intensity ramps up with the transition of the second half telling the energy of the entire project forth.”

No Comment Ft. Thato Saul

The reason this one is called ‘No Comment’ is because really the song is fun; and ironically it happened to be two minutes twenty-two seconds, cause 222 is a thing for me, very constant number. A display of flows used presently in Rap internationally and locally (Spitori) ”

2-Up Ft. Nanette

The verses are really about getting into character pursuing a romantic interest between both verses and flirting with a new flame in my life.”

I Can Bet Ft. Priddy Ugly

It features one of my favourite rappers; Priddy Ugly. We were both nominated for lyricist of the year last at the SAHHA and he won it. The record finds us displaying that lyricist of the year chat and letting it play out as we both bet on our abilities to be skilled at many topics.”

Phone – Hello Ft. Mochen & Landrose

“Featuring Mochen & Landrose; this is one of my favorites on the mixtape, it knocks! It gives the rap energy. Straight rap energy to keep you going about being active right now with what you believe in”


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