Monday, December 11, 2023

Amos K Addresses Ghanaian Social Injustice on New Single “This Country”

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In this two minutes and 48 seconds rap address, Amos K and Kwame Dabie skillfully address the pressing issues in Ghana. The Dab Beatz produced track opens with a thought-provoking hook on the emigration crisis and the “japa” phenomenon, shedding light on hopes for a brighter future and generational wealth. Amos K’s verse delves into the nation’s reality, candidly addressing failed promises by leaders, poor road conditions, and the impact of inflation on purchasing power. Kwame Dabie follows with a slower pace, sharing a personal encounter with the Ghana Police in 2019 and highlighting the effects of currency depreciation on his lifestyle.

“This Country” is a departure from Amos K’s usual style, born out of the necessity to address social injustice. As he expressed in a recent interview, “I don’t really have to say much about the song; the country is messed up, so I’m expressing my frustrations, and I’m certain the average Ghanaian can relate.”

We believe “This Country” would be a perfect addition to your New Music Friday playlist, offering a unique blend of lyrical prowess and impactful social commentary. The release coincides with recent protests against bad governance and corruption, making it highly relevant.

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