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AKA Teases Nadia Nakai About Vic Mensa.

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When SA rapper Nadia Nakia was asked about her relationship with Vic Mensa on Drink or Tell the Truth the rapper revealed that she and Vic had broken up. She said: “We broke up, but it’s fine, it doesn’t matter.” Not long after she began sparking rumours of dating fellow SA rapper AKA who is arch-rivals with her former label boss Cassper Nyovest.

But Nadia’s fans will not let her forget about her former American beau.

During their IG Live, the couple were casually chatting to fans when one comment caught AKA’s attention. The ‘Composure’ rapper read it out aloud:

“Vic Mensa still loves you.”

It was all jokes, though, for the couple as Nadia jokingly asked: “Why are you reading those comments? There are so many other nice comments, why are reading those comments?”

Looks like the couple may be more than just a publicity stunt as Nadia has stated that she would lik to hav Kiernan’s babies after witnessing his dad skills with his daughter Kairo.

“We didn’t plan to become a couple, it just happened. I’ve witnessed how great he is as a father; of course, I’d love to have his babies one day,” Nadia was quoted as saying.

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