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A-Reece Releases New Song to Celebrate Birthday

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Few days after Nasty C drops a song, A-Reece surprisingly does the same to celebrate his 25th birthday on March 27th, 2022. Long-time fans of the South African lyricist, popularly called The Slimes, are aware of the ‘Couldn’t Have Said It Better’ Series. Reece usually drops on his birthday.

Albeit nobody expected a new installment of the series in 2022, as Reece seldom announces his releases or makes a huge PR run for them prior to release, the slimes woke up to a pleasant surprise on the morning of the Pretroria rapper’s birthday.

The new song is called, ‘ Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3,’ the third installment in the ‘Couldn’t Have Said It Better’ Series, it is a super lyrical showmanship wordsmithery that A-Reece is known for.

In the 2 minutes, 49 seconds song, Baby Boy is heard updating the fans on his latest moves, as he only relies on his songs and not Social Media to do this.

He talks about feeling blessed on his birthday, gifting himself the beat he raps on, his mother and brothers, his self-worth, and finally ending the song by announcing another release on October 21.

The release may be his long-awaited album, ‘Paradise 2: The Big Hearted Bad Guy,’ sequel to his debut album, 2016’s ‘Paradise. ‘Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt1 & 2‘ were released on the rapper’s 20th  and 21st birthday respectively.

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