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A-Reece Release Second Studio Album P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY

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Making history with one of South African Hip Hop’s most anticipated albums, rapper A-Reece just released his second studio album P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY

Currently on tour with his The Reece Effect, Show A-Reece once again surprised critics and slimes with the pre-save link earlier in the week for the album and new single BRUCE WAYNE, whilst in Cape Town.

Having received a roaring response to the first single from the body of work –VING RHAMES , both locally and globally; and maintaining an unmatched fan base; A-Reece continues to elevate his penmanship and dominate the hip hop scene with bold raps alongside a seemingly effortless flow throughout the 19 track project.

The baby boy has grown to the big hearted bad guy and that’s what this album is about. We’ve spent 3 years working on this project and I’m so excited to drop it. Thank you to the artists who rocked with me on this album and the slimes who continue to show me patience and most importantly love through this journey of music – P2 is for you.


Reclaiming the title from his debut album, P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY is earmarked as a classic if the track list is anything to go by. Featuring some of the greatest musicians of our time, A-Reece brings in Blxckie, Shekinah, Sjava, M.anifest, Jay Jody, Joey Fatts, and Fly Anakin on this record collection. 

Giving credit to a young producer for the single BRUCE WAYNE, A-Reece detailed the song making process in this statement “Michael Tuohy is an outstanding young producer and I’m blessed to be working alongside him. How Bruce Wayne came about is an interesting story. When Michael sent the beat, he also sent it with a reference track. The reference track had the “Neck & Wrist” Pusha T and Pharrell vocals on top of the beat, and I just remember Michael telling me, “I made a beat around this hook, from the “Neck and Wrist” by Pusha T, Jay Z and Pharrell song. I left the hook on there so you could catch the vibe, let me know what you think” and yo the two blending together sounded incredible! No disrespect to Push & Pharrell but it even sounded better than their original cut – no gassing. So, I just knew I had to do something super wavey, catchy, cryptic yet simple to vibe to, with unique melodies – basically something as dope as “Neck & Wrist” but with a little bit of that baby boy twist to it.”  

Making it further known and clear, he went on to boldly say “Some people call it controversy, I like to call it hip hop at it’s best! As far as what the song’s about – I know you know, and they know what or who I’m talking about. Let’s keep it real. I’m the leader now. That’s that!”  


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