Friday, June 2, 2023

A-Reece and Brother Jody, Serve Ballsy Bars on ‘Fuck The World.’

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It’s been a week since A-Reece reminded his fans that he will be keeping to his word and dropping music on October 21st, via a tweet. Fans speculated if the drop will the sequel to he and his brother’s ‘heaveN caN waiT’ project or the long anticipated ‘Paradise 2: The Big Hearted Bad Guy.’ With the new realese by Reece and Jody his brother, known as the duo ‘bluE tapE’ may signal that the next drop will be ‘heaveN caN waiT vol.2,’ as the duo drops a new impromptu single.

The brothers return to their unique sound first used on 2021’s ‘tufF lucK’ on this Trigganasty produced single.

Baby boy and Jody serve laid back vibes with some ballsy raps, chanting “Fuck The World”. Check it out below; nursing nihilistic and existential musings in between bars.

The energy isverything one would expect from teh Mataboge brothers.

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