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Zola 7 Reveals How Label Tried to Ruin His Career.

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South African Kwaito legend, actor, writer, TV presenter, and poet, Bonginkosi Dlamini popularly known as Zola 7, was brought back into mainstream limelight after a long hiatus, by Cassper Nyovest, on their song ‘Bonginkosi.’ Before then Zola had been going through financial crisis-induced mental health issues, which were brought to the fore after Cassper helped revive his career. There were calls to his industry colleague to come together and offer assistance for him to get back on his feet.

In a recent interview with MacG on the new episode of Podcast and Chill Dlamini opened up about the label woes that almost wrecked him.

Zola revealed that music executive Lance Stehr paid several people, including his baby mama, to “speak ill” of him. “I ended up in court at some time with this boy who by the way turned out to be working with Lance with one of my baby mamas,” he said.

“uLance was paying them to (speak ill of me) because I had left the record company.” Zola went on and mentioned that he even saw the contract that his baby mama signed to launch a smear campaign against him.

“I even saw the contract and the contract came from Media24,” said Zola. “So when I left the company people started now attacking me directly because they were being paid elsewhere.” The rapper further explained how this decision went on to affect his baby mama as she was the one who started suffering financially.

“They did not understand the whole thing, say like the baby mama and then you attack me at some point we will see the results, and the people that are paying you to attack me are not always gonna be there you gonna end up with me facing problems with the child and those people who are paying you are not always gonna be there.” He explained.

Zola even went further to accuse Stehr of hiring assassins to try and take his life.

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