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“You ain’t got no control,” Moozlie Criticizes Artists Who Aren’t Independent

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“You ain’t got no control,” Moozlie Criticizes Artists Who Aren’t Independent. It is fast becoming a common act for artists to branch out and be independent with the aim of being in control of their brands. While it works for others, some are comfortable being dependent on labels to make it.

Moozlie addressed the topic on a thread of tweets stating how she has been “glamorizing independence” and how that has benefited her.

“I think I’m a bit guilty of glamourising independence. Not because I’m tryna hide anything, but because I really believe in myself & I’m just tryna stay positive. Stay focused on the good things that I’m blessed with daily & just keeping my eyes on goals I set from the beginning,” she wrote.

She went to speak on other artists who aren’t realizing and taking on a challenge to be Independent.

“With that being said, being independent isn’t for everyone. A lot of artists thrive with a team that does almost everything but make the music for them. If it works you then good on you,

“Being poppin is cool & all but you ain’t got no control🙃 You can’t make any important decisions😕 You don’t even own the music you put your heart & soul into, she added on.

She concluded on by highlighting how “dope” it is to talk to another artists “boss to boss”.

“I’m all for having people handling your bookings and your schedule and and and… but you know how dope it is to just talk to another artist “Boss to Boss”… “Exec to Exec”… “Owner to Owner”.

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