Friday, July 19, 2024

Tyson Sybatelli’s Album Enters the South African Apple Music Albums Top 15

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A-Reece has been #1 on the Apple Music SA albums chart for six weeks straight, however, there’s a newcomer on the charts, Pretorian Tyson Sybatelli has cracked the top 15, with his studio album titled ‘Home‘ at #6, the album features A-Reece affiliated artists like Jay Jody, IMP the Don, etc, we may have an A-Reece and Tyson collab soon.

Following his December 2021 EP release, “Eve“, The album released in May 2022, has quickly garnered momentum amongst fans who have noted similarities between the rapper and other Pretoria compatriots like A-Reece and Wordz the Prince.

Like he said on ‘If found bring home,’ ”when you do a song with Wordz and talk to IMP like every week, n***as wonder if you’re gonna have a song with A-Reece.” Well, Tyson, we are wondering too, the fans await.

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